Drawing + Painting Classes


Expand your 2D skills with drawing and painting classes at MMofA. Participants have a variety of options using different materials and subject matters in each class. With live demonstrations or model poses, each class allows for students to learn from their surroundings to create something wonderful.

  • Sumi-e: Japanese Brush Painting with Carol Wiggins

    Try Sumi-e, Japanese style brush painting using ink and watercolors on rice paper. No previous painting experience is necessary. We will learn to paint the “Four Gentlemen” using the “Four Treasures.” 

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  • Constructive Drawing with Josh Green

    Do you want to draw realistically but don’t know where to begin? Join classically trained artist Josh Green as he teaches Constructive Drawing at The Museum School. Students will learn how to break down forms and represent them on paper employing time-tested artistic methods used by the masters.

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