Other Media Classes


For those interested in other art forms, MMofA is continually offering new and exciting classes to try out. From making one-of-a-kind textiles using Batik Art to jewelry making or glass fusing, these classes help students develop new skills using unconventional materials.

  • Ecorché Sculpture with Josh Green

    Ecorché sculpting is a tradition created by the old French Academies to study anatomy. It can be difficult for artists who work in two-dimensions to grasp the three-dimensional form of the human figure. In this class, instructor Josh Green will guide you through the skeleton and muscles of the torso.

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  • Introduction to Relief Reduction Printmaking with Matthew Hopson-Walker

    Matthew Hopson-Walker, whose work is currently featured in the MMofA exhibition do it, will teach this introductory workshop that offers a starting point to help students in the understanding of the reduction printmaking technique.

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