MMofA publishes a variety of digital and printed publications throughout the year. A selection is listed below.

Digital Catalogs

Published in conjunction with AN ART HISTORIAN COLLECTS, A Life in Art: David E. Brauer celebrates the life, collection, and travels of the art historian. Born in Scotland and raised in London, Brauer attended London’s St. Martin’s School of Art (1960 – 1965), where he studied both studio art and art history. Prior to this exhibition, only small selections of Brauer’s collection have been seen publicly.


Printed Catalogs

The Mobile Museum of Art: Selections from Fifty Years of Collecting

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Mobile Museum of Art, we created the first book about MMofA’s 6,000-piece collection. Published in 2014, this beautifully-bound anthology features more than 200 highlights and selections from the collection.

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WANDA SULLIVAN: Gardens of Hope

This publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition Wanda Sullivan: Gardens of Hope, which is the first solo museum show by Mobile artist and educator Wanda Sullivan. The publication features all of the artworks from the show as well as photographs of Wanda’s personal garden from where she draws much of her inspiration. There is also an introduction by Deborah Velders with an essay by art historian LaVada Raouf.

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COMMON GROUND: Photographs of Havana and Mobile

This publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition Common Ground: Photographs of Havana and Mobile featuring photographs of shared characteristics seen in the two sister cities. The publication is written in English and Spanish and includes photographs by Chip Cooper and Julio Larramendi from the exhibition with an introduction by Deborah Velders, and essays by Elizabeth M. Elkin and John S. Sledge.

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CHRISTENBERRY: In Alabama – A Tribute

This limited edition publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition, Christenberry: In Alabama (March 10 – July 9, 2017), organized by the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama on the occasion of the state’s bicentennial celebration.

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Other Publications

Toward Equal Justice: A Legacy of Resistance, Sacrifice, and Service
Timeline of Mobile Civil Rights events and African American history created in conjunction with special exhibition, Gordon Parks: Segregation Story in Mobile, 1956.

NATIONAL CIVIL RIGHTS TIMELINE: A Selection of Some of the Movement’s Most Important Events

GORDON PARKS: Segregation Story in Mobile, 1956