Southern Voices: A Filmmaker Showcase

Posted on: May 3rd, 2017
August 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Elizabet Elliott

This film showcase, curated by filmmaker April Dobbins whose work is in our exhibition Contemporary Alabama Photography, will feature a number of short films by Southern filmmakers followed by a Q&A after the screening. These films have debuted at international festivals such as Cannes and Sundance.  Films include:

Rabbit Hunt
12 minutes
Directed by Patrick Bresnan
On the weekends during the harvest season, 17-year-old Chris and his family hunt rabbits in the sugarcane fields of the Florida Everglades.

Inhumation and The Stranger
6:59 minutes
Directed by Adam Forrester
Two short experimental films.

Ballet Bus
8 minutes
Directed by Isaac Mead-Long
Ballet Bus takes you into the lives of two young boys, Kimani and Kelvin, who were selected to be a part of Miami City Ballet’s “Ballet Bus” Program.

13:43 minutes
Directed by Faren Humes
Macho follows the tenuous bond of an effeminate twelve-year-old and his conservative uncle after the killing of his transgender parent.

The New Orleans Sazerac
20:26 minutes
Directed by James Martin
Explore the evolution of the famous New Orleans Sazeracfrom the early 1800’s through modern day with historical experts, contemporary bartenders, and even the father of the cocktail himself: Antoine Peychaud.

What Everyone Was Doing
22 minutes
Directed by Andrea Garcia Marquez
A confrontation between perspective and reality.

April Dobbins is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in Miami. She was recently named a 2017 Sundance Institute Knight Fellow. Her work has been published in Calyx Journal, Cimarron Review, Cura, GOOD, Marr’s Field Journal, Philadelphia City Paper, Redivider, Sojourner: The Women’s Forum, Thema, and Transition magazine – a publication of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard. She was one of 15 artists invited by renowned photographer Alec Soth to attend his inaugural Camp for Socially Awkward Storytellers at his studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her films have screened at festivals across the country, and she is currently in production on her documentary feature, Alabamaland, which chronicles her family’s life and history in the rural South. She is a recipient of the S. J. Weiler Fund Award, which is made in recognition of exemplary artistic achievement and creativity in the visual arts as well as significant contributions to the arts community, and a 2016 WaveMaker grant.