Exclusive: Huge Mardi Gras Exhibit to Open in Fall

Posted on: January 24th, 2014

Mobile Mask magazine broke a story this year about an unprecedented Mardi Gras exhibit due to open here in November. As the centerpiece of the Mobile Museum of Art’s 50th anniversary, the museum has joined forces with the History Museum of Mobile and the Mobile Carnival Museum to build “The Art and Design of Mardi Gras.” This ambitious, from-scratch exhibit will feature art and artifacts from Mobile Mardi Gras, both historic and contemporary. The exhibit will take up the entire second floor of the Museum of Art – a truly huge amount of space. Museum Director Deborah Velders has said they are striving to put as many as 100 royal crowns on display, as well as dozens of royal trains from throughout the years. The exhibit will also focus on the art of Mardi Gras found in floats, at balls, even in invitations and posters. Without these various forms of art, Mardi Gras would simply be a big party. Read more in Mobile Mask>>