Alabama Print Portfolio


Alabama Print Portfolio

March 22 — September 24, 2022

The Alabama Print Portfolio was a project designed to create a limited-edition collection of prints by Alabama printmakers and to provide an opportunity for printmakers to meet each other and share their mutual interests.

The project began when a University of Montevallo art professor and printmaker, Scott Stephens, wrote a grant to the Alabama State Council on the Arts and Humanities. The grant was awarded and artists from Alabama colleges and universities were invited to submit work.  An open invitation was issued to independent artists, as well.

Twenty-four artists were chosen, and with matching funds from the University of Montevallo and the artists themselves (who paid for their own printing), an exhibition opened in September 1986 in Montevallo.  Each artist received a portfolio as did art museums around the state.

In 2022, the prints are just as fresh and relevant as they were over 35 years ago.