Back Room Gallery: Phillip Counselman


Phillip Counselman

My works explore the complexities of our natural environment combined with human form. This contrast is the basis for each concept. The works tend to reference the human body, undersea forms, and natural growth in general. I am interested in biological forms in the context of the human body. I began with small ink drawings; these drawings are the fundamental sources for all my works. Through observation, drawings, and sculpture, I am able to visually express these forms.

My observations are just basic. However, what materializes is usually absurd and complex. This comes from juxtaposition of contrasting elements in nature and in the representation of the body as a metaphorical form. The works are just a general analysis, but the more I look, the more the ideas develop, change, and are re-interpreted by the viewer.

The Back Room Gallery is a part of The Museum Store. All work is for available for purchase.