Front & Center: Shawne Major, Adrian Deckbar, and Rene Culler

Work by Shawne Major

Text: Work by Shawne Major

Shawne Major

I am interested in how the perception of reality is colored by dreams, memory, superstition, religion, bias, prejudice, and fear. My mixed media tapestries, in general, refer to overlay of belief systems created by the individual to piece together their personal paradigm. Read more>>

Adrian Deckbar

My work is based on landscape, the natural world. This untouched world is breathtakingly beautiful yet it is increasingly in danger of extinction. Living in New Orleans, which is so threatened by nature’s power to destroy, I have become more aware of this dichotomy. Read more>>

Rene Culler

I have lived here in Mobile for 3 years. Immersed in teaching and developing a program, this is my 4th academic year at the University of South Alabama. My focus had kept me from separating the “forest from the trees” of my environment. I made the work this past summer, a year after I returned from my Fulbright experience in Korea in 2012. While there, I observed how the land influences the culture. Read more>>