SOUTHERN MASTERS: Casey Downing Jr., Bruce Larsen, and Nall



Casey Downing Jr.   |   Bruce Larsen   |   Nall

July 12, 2019 – January 5, 2020

We invited three unique and larger-than-life artists from Alabama to step outside the box and create major installations that represent the history of their work, as well as their creative processes.

This exhibition is a rare glimpse into their worlds, their distinct perspectives and unique styles. All three of these artists have worked tirelessly over the years and with great passion. Each is a true master.

Included in this exhibition are works by three emerging Alabama artists selected by our SOUTHERN MASTERS as promising future masters.

Brock Larsen | William Legg | Jennifer White

This exhibition is generously underwritten by:
Susan Houston
The HOUSTONVEGAS Charitable Fund