URBAN WILD: Folk and Street Art in the South

URBAN WILD: Folk and Street Art in the South

May 10, 2019 – October 26, 2019

This exhibition of three site-specific murals are presented as a satellite installation of URBAN WILD: Folk and Street Art in the South, an exhibition at Alabama Contemporary Art Center, curated by Elizabet Elliott. That exhibition may be seen at ACAC located at 301 Conti Street in downtown Mobile.

This satellite, site-specific installation is coordinated for MMofA by Stan Hackney, Curator of Regional Contemporary Art at the Mobile Museum of Art.

MMofA site-specific artists:

Brandon Barnhart  |  Gabriel Smith  |  Jeremy Strength  |  Tanner Wilson

“This exhibition looks at the range of creativity that is practiced throughout the streets, highways, and dirt roads of the South. We went looking for the intersection between folk art and street art below the Mason-Dixon line, taking engagement with public space as the only cue. What we found were visionaries and vandals, taking old categories and remaking/unmaking them in a Southern dialect. These artists draw from graffiti, tattoo flash, skate culture, hip-hop culture, as well as comic book illustration, pop art, and even old-fashioned sign painting to make objects, images, and environments. The traditional dividing lines between high and low art forms no longer apply. In this exhibition, we have only a snapshot of the breadth and diversity in Southern art that makes public place its forum, where Southern streets become a stage and canvas all their own.”

elizabet elliott
director of programs and exhibitions
Alabama Contemporary Art Center