On a lark in the park: Muse Music debuts with electro duo

Posted on: July 10th, 2014

By Kevin Lee, Lagniappe
July 10, 2014

True to the season, growth continues in Langan Park. We’re not talking about just foliage here – and certainly not Canada geese – but rather the Mobile Museum of Art (MMofA) which is offering something for the ears in addition to the eyes in midsummer.

It’s the initial installment in MMofA’s Muse Music series, a celebration of “home-grown talent featuring local emerging and established performers, unplugged,” according to a press release from MMofA. Held in the Larkins Auditorium, the series is for those intent on “a deeper mode of listening” in “an alternative to venues which focus more on food or social atmosphere.” Read full article in Lagniappe>>