Drawing + Painting Classes


Expand your 2D skills with drawing and painting classes at MMofA. Participants have a variety of options using different materials and subject matters in each class. With live demonstrations or model poses, each class allows for students to learn from their surroundings to create something wonderful.

  • Painting for Two: Wild Landscapes with Kaitlyn Amanor

    Bring in a photograph of a favorite or meaningful place, reflect on a memory you have of a special place, or use your imagination to create your own place in the world that means something special for you. Join us for an evening exploring wild, bright and bold colors through acrylic paint! No previous art experience required!

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  • Painting for Two: The Art of Still Life with Kaitlyn Amanor

    Bring in your own small items of significance or choose from a variety of items such as shells, flowers, and produce provided in class to curate your own still life. You will be guided through the art of still life painting from setting up a symbolic still life, arranging an interesting composition, to application and processes of acrylic painting. No previous art experience required!

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