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Cultural Art Trunks

The Cultural art trunks have been developed as a way to extend the reach of the museum’s mission even further. Focusing on select cultures, the trunks help develop understanding and appreciation of the art, history, and culture of different regions of the world by hands-on interactions, and in-depth explorations.

Art Trunks are a wonderful learning resource for all ages. Rental periods can extend for up to two weeks depending on the reservation schedule. These art-themed resources include artifacts, books, and multimedia presentations.

The trunks can be enjoyed by learners of all ages as they explore themes using unique activities, authentic artifacts, and accompanying slides and art objects. Lessons in this curriculum may be adapted for different grade levels, and may be shortened, skipped or extended depending on the needs of the teacher and students.

Accompanying units of study also contain interdisciplinary lesson plans with information that can be adapted to any classroom or learning space. You may choose to include some or all of the lessons depending on your needs.

The trunks that are currently available for rental are the Southeast Native American Art Trunk and the African Art Trunk.

For more information, contact Angie King at 251.208.5209 or go here to send an email.

The following documents are downloadable resources in PDF format for Teachers.