Teen Art


Does your teen have an interest in creating art? Do they love drawing or creating something with their hands? Every month, MMofA offers a four-week class specifically for teens. Each month focuses on a different medium, and all classes are taught by working artists. No experience is required, and supplies will be provided.

  • The Art of Puppetry with Hannah Edge

    It’s not your average hand puppet class! In this class, you will learn the basics of puppetry, the different kinds of puppets, and how to build a working puppet that you can use just like the professionals.

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  • Tapestry Weaving Workshop with Mary Jane Lord

    This beginning tapestry weaving class will include basic skills such as creating angles and curves, color blending, soumak, and pick and pick techniques. We will weave on a small simple frame loom which will be prepared ahead of time so we can get straight to learning weaving techniques and aim to complete a small tapestry by the end of the class. Warps and wefts will be provided by the instructor.

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  • Winter Open Studio: Kids Winter Class

    Winter Open Studio is for students ages 8 – 17 who are interested in tapping into their creativity and learning about how art creates and speaks to the world around them. Each week, students will be introduced to new 2D artistic processes through a variety of art projects.

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  • Teen Drawing: Getting Started in Drawing

    Students ages 12+ will be drawing from life, starting with the fundamentals looking at form, value, perspective and composition through a variety of art making opportunities using charcoals, pencils, pastels and other traditional drawing tools. 

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