Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are currently not taking reservations for Keepsake.


A Creative Program for Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease

With specially designed guided tours through our galleries, this program strives to add meaning to the lives of those living with early stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and to support those who care for them through intellectual stimulation, creativity, and social interaction. Our approach accesses the creative thinking and the imagination which are still intact even after language and short term memory are affected. By working in groups, participants have the chance to feel active and alive. Caregivers gain from the art experience through a safe and engaging environment. Keepsake provides  new opportunities for communication and connection.


  • Alzheimer’s Patients: Individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease – both those living at home and those in assisted-living facilities
  • Family: Immediate and non-immediate family members of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • Caregivers: May include family, professional staff, and/or close friends that are primary caregivers


  • Participants will attend a Docent-led tour in our galleries
  • Participants will be invited to discuss creative, cultural, and social aspects of the art objects


Tours are free of charge to participants and take place on Mondays between 11AM and 2PM, while the museum is normally closed. Reservations are taken at minimum 2 weeks in advance and  a confirmation call is made the day before the tour.

To make a reservation please call 251.208.5200.

Please be prepared to answer a few questions about your group. We like to know as much as possible about our guests beforehand in order to tailor the experience as best we can.

The Keepsake program, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, is made possible by the charitable contributions of the Ben May Charitable Trust and The Moses Foundation.