Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips with The Museum School aren’t your traditional gallery tour.

Throughout history, art has played an essential part in our daily lives. It shapes and informs the world around us, and can be used to communicate ideas in any subject. In the videos below, we go on adventures in our own community to explore ways that artists use their voices to teach and learn about civil and human rights, different cultures, the Earth, the elements of art and design, and more.

The exhibitions at MMofA are best seen in person, but if you are in quarantine, tight for time, on a strict budget, or even want to offer a primer for students who are visiting the museum in the future, virtual field trips are a great way to enhance your classroom experience through art.

Generous support for this project provided by Art Bridges.

Gordon Parks: Segregation Story in Mobile, 1956

Clay: From Ground to Gallery

Elements of Art & Design