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Our Crazy Quilt Collection in ALL AMERICAN: From the Collection
MMofA is proud to have a selection of Crazy Quilts on display in our collection exhibition, ALL AMERICAN. But what is a crazy quilt? The quilts in this gallery are different in that they were not really made to give us physical comfort as much as they were made to give comfort by decorating our homes and commemorating shared events important to us. These quilts are called Crazy Quilts because they are unusually “crazy,” meaning asymmetrical and somewhat exotic. The patterns appear to be “all over the place!”

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FROM FORT TO PORT & BEYOND: An Architectural History of Mobile
FROM FORT TO PORT & BEYOND: An Architectural History of Mobile explores the architectural history of this extraordinary community—one of the twenty oldest continuously inhabited cities in the United States. Hear from architectural historian, Cartledge Blackwell III and consulting historians, curators, and Mobile area architects about how the exhibition documents the changing social and cultural story of its places and people over a period of centuries, spanning Mobile’s unique and long history.
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