The Museum School Online

The Museum School brings the power and inspiration of art directly to you. Here, we share virtual tours of our exhibitions, behind-the-scenes tours, art lessons for the whole family, and studio sessions from some of our favorite artists.

  • MMofA Art Kits

    Bring art to your home with MMofA’s Art Kits! Designed by MMofA’s Education Department, these kits draw inspiration from our collection and include supplies for you to create your own work.

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  • Art at Home

    In this series, MMofA offers art activities, projects, and fun books to read for the whole family.

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  • Stories from the Collection

    In this series, we’ll take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces of the collection.

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  • Virtual Tours

    Join us in The Museum School Online for virtual tours of our exhibitions and videos that were featured in our special exhibitions.

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  • Studio Sessions

    Join us in the studio to see how artists work, where their inspiration comes from, and more!

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