Make an impact with a donation!

Thank you for considering a donation to the Mobile Museum of Art. With the help of our members, donors, friends and community partners, we’ve been able to open new exhibitions, create family-friendly and inclusive programming, and complete needed upkeep on our facility. Because of donations like yours, we are in good shape and ready for new growth, but your donation will help us do more: more exhibitions, more classes, more programming and more outreach.

To continue providing a safe and creative space for our community, we need your help! We know there are many other worthy causes in our community, but we hope you will consider ours as well. All of our progress in the past years is due to our members and supporters, and we are very grateful for your encouragement as champions of the arts!


All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable under law, and you will receive a letter acknowledging your gift that may be used for tax purposes.

You may have noticed a change in the tax law. Click here for a helpful article on ways to donate today!

  • Sponsor an Artwork or Project

    Sponsor an Artwork or Project MMofA offers opportunities for all appreciators of art to help us fund exhibitions and any related special projects.

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  • Cash Donations

    The very best benefit to the Art Museum is through unrestricted cash gifts. You may wish to “designate” your funds to support an area of special interest. When you make a gift of cash, you will receive a charitable tax deduction that will provide you with savings on that year’s tax return.

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  • Legacy Gifts + Endowments

    Legacy Gifts and Endowments are gifts made to the Mobile Museum of Art Foundation.

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  • Gifts of Art

    Thank you for considering the Mobile Museum of Art, Inc. as a beneficiary of work from your collection! We recommend prospective donors contact the Museum leadership regarding the intention to donate works of art.

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