Sponsor an Artwork

Sponsor an Artwork in MMofA’s new special exhibition!

If you’ve always wanted to show support for the art of our time—this is your chance. The Mobile Museum of Art is celebrating Alabama in honor of our Bicentennial with a special exhibition which showcases the growth of Mobile’s architecture throughout the years. 

FROM FORT TO PORT & BEYOND: An Architectural History of Mobile, organized by the Mobile Museum of Art with guest curator and architectural historian, Cart Blackwell, explores the architectural history of this extraordinary community—one of the twenty oldest continuously inhabited cities in the United States. Presented through a selective timeline of photographs, models, architectural plans, maps, elevations, building materials, videotaped interviews and tours, and publications—the exhibition documents the changing social and cultural story of its places and people over a period of centuries, spanning Mobile’s unique and long history.

We invite you to sponsor this exhibition in one of six thematic themes: 1. Homes; 2. Places of Worship; 3. Public Buildings; 4. Commercial Buildings; 5. Mardi Gras; and 6. a video featuring each of the project’s architectural experts. Your sponsorship will be recognized on a label naming your sponsorship for the duration of the exhibition.  You might consider dedicating your sponsorship in honor of a friend or relative. A list of optional sponsorships is enclosed in the below form, and we also welcome your consideration of sponsoring the exhibition at levels above $1250 (which is recognized on the wall near the title credits).