A Nest of One’s Own — Artist’s Travel

The Mobile Museum of Art is proud to announce our next site-specific installation by Alabama native, Dixon Stetler, titled A Nest of One’s Own. Stetler is a Southerner deep to her core whose work combines creativity and community participation. Dixon brings people together through her art projects using reclaimed and discarded materials. Both children and adults marvel at her amazing use of everything from old flip-flops to Christmas lights, rope, beads, and even items recycled from trash. A Nest of One’s Own addresses the meaning of home and place and will be available from late April 2022 to April 2023.

We’re seeking a $2000 sponsorship to cover the artist’s travel and stay for installation and a subsequent program. Sponsor name(s) or sponsoring organizations will be credited on the gallery wall for the duration of this one-year exhibition.

If you wish to donate, fill out the form below or mail a check to:

Mobile Museum of Art, Inc.
ATTN: Lianne Kenney

4850 Museum Drive
Mobile, AL 36608

Checks must be made out to Mobile Museum of Art, Inc. and must include a note designating your donation to the “Dixon Stetler installation.”

If you would like to donate by phone, please contact:

Mary Beth Lursen
Manager of External Affairs
Lianne Kenney
Operations Manager: Finance and Admin


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