Special Exhibitions in September 2022

The Mobile Museum of Art is proud to announce two special exhibitions featuring the work of two Southern women artists: Terrell James and Wanda Sullivan.

James’s exhibition for the Mobile Museum of Art is titled One Eye Sees, The Other Feels, a quotation from the writings of Swiss artist Paul Klee. It will feature more than thirty abstract works, including drawings and paintings ranging in size from small to monumental.

In Gardens of Hope, Sullivan examines the intersection between the natural world, her gardens, and the effects of climate change. About the flowers and nature featured in her work, Sullivan says, “My flowers are beautiful, but they are monsters—contemporary, biomorphic Frankensteins. They are designed to seduce the viewer and lure them in, just like our dependency on fossil fuels, phones, tablets, and computers do.”

Both exhibitions help meet two goals of the Museum’s five-year institutional strategic plan — one, to focus on the art of our place, and second, the art of our time.

We invite you to sponsor one or more works in these exhibitions. Your sponsorship will be recognized on a label naming your sponsorship for the duration of the exhibition, with the sponsorship credited as you direct us. A $250 gift will sponsor a work selected by exhibition curator Stan Hackney; a contribution of $500 will be a work selected by Museum Director, Deborah Velders.

If you wish to donate, fill out the form below or mail a check to:

Mobile Museum of Art, Inc.
ATTN: Lianne Kenney

4850 Museum Drive
Mobile, AL 36608

Checks must be made out to Mobile Museum of Art, Inc. and must include a note designating your donation to the “Terrell James exhibition” or the “Wanda Sullivan exhibition.”

If you would like to donate by phone, please contact:

Mary Beth Lursen
Manager of External Affairs
Lianne Kenney
Operations Manager: Finance and Admin